Monday, April 29, 2013

Bullet points of ANP, MQM & PPP Joint Press Conference against Talibans.

Innocent people are being killed: Taj Hiader ( Pakistan Peoples Party)
We are against terrorism and extremism.
Federal Interior Minister gave statement that his sympathy is with N-League.
No any action is being taken against terrorists:
Offices of ANP are being attacked:
Actions are being taken against innocent people rather criminals in Lyari:
Terrorists call few political parties their guarantee and those parties are running their campaign freely and without any fear:
They are being stopped to run their election campaigns: Taj Haider
PPP condemns the attacks on political parties:
We faced Zia then we can also face remnants of Zia.
PPP wants elections on time, will fully take part in polls.
55 terrorists are allowed to contest polls.
We did not forget it that militant organizations were made with support of west:
ANP will contest polls at any cost: Bashir Jan
ECP cannot get implement on its rules and regulations.
Election campaign is not running in other province except one province:
A few are allowed to do any activity in Karachi:
ANP will not leave the field vacant.
MQM strongly condemns attacks on political parties: Haider Abbas Rizvi
Secular parties on target of terrorists:
It seems those terrorists are allowed to do such activities freely.
Offices of political parties are being attacked:
MQM is not afraid of such coward activities and will face courageously:
No any step is being taken by ECP or caretaker Govt:
The whole region is in the wrap of fire and blood:
MQM does not want rift with any one:
We will never surrender ourselves before them.
MQM will not bow down before religious extremism;
Establishment is supporting right wing parties.
WE have given sacrifices; MQM will not compromise on sacrifices of its martyrs.