Sunday, November 25, 2012

Successful = Action, Balance, Dreams, Plans and Beliefs

A woman is on a long hike ride through breathtaking valleys and over majestic mountains.  After sunbathing atop a cliff overlooking the water below, she sees she’ll have to backtrack in order to return home.  Thinking it over, she realizes that the jump into the cool water below isn’t that large after all.  If she jumps, she can continue forward toward new, exciting landscapes.  Gathering her courage, she approaches the side of the cliff.  She takes a deep breath and takes a leap of faith.


Accomplishment requires a balance between safety and daring.  If you’re too careful, you won’t open yourself up to all the opportunities that are waiting to present themselves.  If you’re too reckless, you may find yourself lost without a map.  Find the appropriate middle ground, and great success will appear in front of your eyes.

Taking Action

Life is about movement.  You’ve got to make decisions and hopefully make the right ones.  In order to accomplish great things, you’ll need a combination of motivation and thoughtfulness.  You’ll also need to keep your eyes open to new possibilities.  When situations arise that are out of your comfort zone, you’ve got to have the confidence to take action even if you’re not sure of yourself.  You have to keep moving.


At the same time, don’t become pigeonholed into a particular way of doing things.  Even if your way of solving challenges proves to be effective, don’t be afraid of dreaming up innovative ways to act and react.  Your imagination is an unlimited resource.  It’s not only the source of your creative ideas, but it’s a fertile testing ground for thought experiments.  Dreams are like a mirror world.  They reflect our desires and fears, our motivations and disappointments.  Look deep into your imagination, pull out what you find, and plant your fresh discoveries in the real world.

Making Plans

A sound strategy always pays off.  Even if everything blows up in your face, by formulating and implementing your plans, you’ll be able to take an objective look at what went right and what went wrong.  However, don’t become obsessed with your plans.  React to situations with the best response as they arise.  Remember, your plan is only a map.  Reality is the terrain, and you’ve got to think on your feet.  Have confidence in your abilities and have confidence in your plans.  To get the most from your belief system, you’ve got to have a little bit of…


Sometimes there’s nothing left but to make that leap into the water below.  Give yourself credit for your ideas and your capabilities.  Let your plans and your dreams become a reality.  If you don’t have faith in yourself and your business, you’ll lack the unshakeable confidence needed for success.  Without a strong belief in yourself and your ideas, your dreams and plans will be locked in the prison of your own head.  Grab the key of faith and release them.


The great thing is that actions and dreams, plans and beliefs, all combine together like puzzle pieces to drive success.  Your dreams feed your actions.  Your beliefs actualize your plans.  Your plans give rise to new dreams and so on.  Balance your life and your business with a hearty dose of each ingredient.
Though they may seem mysterious, great accomplishments are not an enigma.  If you can dream them, you can create them.  If you believe in yourself, you can bring your plans to life.

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