Friday, October 26, 2012

The Winning Strategies of Facebook Marketing

You’ve made the plunge and decided to start investing some time marketing on Facebook. Why wouldn’t you? Millions of users communicating directly with one another certainly creates opportunities for word of mouth to spread. Start by asking yourself exactly what you hope to achieve with your marketing efforts. Publicity? Maybe a group of users beginning a fan page?

Remember What Facebook Is

We’ve all seen the movie. Facebook was created by an awkward college kid who wasn’t blond enough to make the rowing team in order to have a forum for Harvard students to socialize. Of course, it’s come a long way, but during its genesis there was no real idea for monetization. Facebook is about erasing boundaries between communication gaps. Remember this foundation as you formulate your marketing strategies. You want to use the medium to reflect your message.

Remember What It Isn’t

Just because it’s relatively new and impressive doesn’t make it revolutionary. In fact, Facebook is an extension of improved means of communication over the centuries. Like the printing press centuries before, and the television several decades ago, new technologies bring a sudden rush of information to a rapid influx of people. And just like television, there is plenty of room for marketing. Don’t make the mistake of rejecting Facebook as “unmarketable.”

Build a Reputation

Instead, focus on positioning yourself as somebody who people want to associate with. Somebody is the key word here. Don’t become something with your Facebook marketing. You are a real person representing your company. Build and maintain an appealing, informative, and entertaining page, and provide content that people will appreciate. As always, quality content is key when it comes to success. Get noticed, get liked, and get on the wall.


Facebook users want to talk to you. Give them what they want. Answer questions directly if they’re appropriate and you have enough time. Join dialogues and be social. After all, Facebook is a social network. As your reputation grows, build up others around you. Cross-promote with other Facebook users offering relevant information. Share your opinions. Don’t forget to offer something enticing during your communication. A discount, a special offer, a free month on a membership site. Give users a call to action they’re excited about enough to share with their friends.

Be Creative With Your Content

Don’t be afraid to be a little silly. People are logging on to Facebook to check on the photos of a friend on vacation or share a recipe for brownies. In this environment, being entertaining is often your best bet. You can win people over with information that is helpful and life-enhancing even it’s a little dry. But by offering fun, you’ll be targeting Facebook users more directly. Don’t neglect the power of audio and video when it comes to any of your marketing efforts. Search engines are adapting to this type of content. Besides, can you imagine watching a television commercial consisting only of screens of text?

Facebook is an Appetizer

It’s a multi-million dollar appetizer, sure. But it’s still an appetizer to the main course of your website. Your Facebook page is a forum for fans and curious, potential fans to congregate, have fun, and discuss. You’re there to be helpful, learn, and also have fun and discuss. Your Facebook page should leave people wanting more. Your real website should leave them full and satisfied.

Organize and Monitor

Understand your vision before you begin your marketing efforts. Organize and chart your financial and time investments. Make sure to observe your Facebook page regularly and monitor your activity. Tweak as necessary until you start to notice results.
Facebook can sometimes seem intimidating or even invulnerable to marketing. In fact, it’s a perfect opportunity to capitalize on a massive forum for communication. What gets your attention on Facebook? Let us know. @KamalFaridi

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