Thursday, October 25, 2012

Twitter Marketing Strategy in 5 Simple Steps

Twitter is a social network, as you probably know this very well. However, it is not used only for the social purposes – for chatting, making friendships and expressing your opinion, what’s more, nowadays it has found its use in the world of marketing as well. In fact, Twitter is very convenient for presenting your products or services and for attracting a lot of new customers. However, you cannot just go around and brag about your products – you must build up a good strategy that will make your business as lucrative as possible and here are five steps to a successful strategy.
First of all, you should know who you are trying to get to. So, describe the target audience, of course, on Twitter and if you are not actively participating on this network than it would be wise for you if you had a person who would represent your customers and who would spend a lot of time on the social network. Of course, you should decide what your goal is and then give the best description possible.
The next thing is knowing exactly what you expect from taking part in this kind of marketing. Surely, it is not the number of followers you have. In fact, the point is not to have thousands and thousands of followers who will just – follow your tweets. It is about who the people that follow you actually are and it is very important to form a network of people that does not have to be large, but that will be effective enough for your business.
Further on, Twitter actually servers you as a communication tool where you can be in touch with your customers, employees, candidates and even journalists – with whomever you wish or need to be connected. Thus, twitter will help you create different synergies that will help your business flow. For instance, you may connect with your bloggers and journalists for the sake of PR management.
Now, when you have understood the first three points, what follows is that tactics that you should develop. Of course, your page should be designed to fit your aims and it should be attractive enough, but without exaggeration. Your tweets should also cover a wide range of subject matter, but still remain within the same theme that you have already set when you decided who your target audience is.
Finally, monitoring and measuring is very important. Some of the parameters that your measurement should include are the number of tweets that have been published, new users, traffic from the web page of the brand, the lists that include the account and connections with the users that are targeted.
All in all, these are some main points and in building up your strategy and you should think very carefully before you start. Find out what your target audience is, create a well-designed account, follow it and work on improving it as much as you can and your business will become more profitable.

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